How Did Internet Change Our Reality So Far?

Needless to say or emphasize, since the birth of internet and computer revolution, our reality has changed in extreme and unimaginable ways. If you were born anywhere before the 1980s, you probably know what I mean. In addition to that, it is also important to look at the situation from different angles, as our reality today is often the Sci-Fi scenario that kid was envisioning in the 1980s; which from a biological point of view that is not at all far away. Anyhow, here are all how the computer revolution changed our reality for good.

Social Networking

The biggest changes are seen in the social behavior of humans, such as the effects of social networks. The usage of social networks have changed the interaction that happens between humans and made it possible for people to interact with each other, yet made it so much more complex to understand where you are in society. Unfortunately, young adults and children who are brought to adulthood in such world cannot understand their role fully in society without the confirmation of others in the form of likes or comments.

Faster Communication

The communication is faster and makes it possible for people to communicate with each other through different platforms and in a matter of seconds in real time. Some people decide to give you the ‘seen’ treatment, which again can make tremendous negative effects on our confidence. Even though you can contact someone through various platforms, and in matters of seconds, still the phenomenon which has appeared with it is the so-called ‘ghosting’ that means that your partner, or someone you would like to contact, will harshly ignore you even when they know that you know that they know, you know?

More Options

internetThe Internet gives us options. You want to learn more, great you can read more about it on the Internet! You can also attend University in a virtual classroom, get various degrees, perform an online job or get a job through the Internet. You can shop online, meet people, in fact, you might not even need to leave your home and still, you will somehow be able to lead a fulfilled and productive life. Which is what often happens in Japan, but still, psychologists do not believe it is a good thing.


As it has been mentioned, with the computer revolution, we have the commodity of accessibility and availability. But, is that real accessibility or is it just an illusion of being everywhere and having a fulfilled life? It is often emphasized by psychologists and experts that we people have been in a part of the process of evolution for centuries and it is not something that could change us so abruptly. The reality is that the changes of the technological revolution are much faster than our reaction to it, so the way of life which is popular and often imposed today is according to experts anything but normal.