Is an electric fireplace worth of your money?

An electric fireplace is a beautiful addition to your home; it provides you comfort and stylish appearance. Even though it improves the atmosphere in your house, an electric fireplace can be a costly investment. On the other hand, if you don’t have a chimney, or If you want to avoid the hassle of wood – burning, and smoke, then electric fireplace is a great substitute for a traditional system. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers on the market, which feature different styles and prices, so your choice is broad.


If you choose to install an electric fireplace, then you should know it requires much less trouble than traditional one. Considering it doesn’t need woods, gas or chimney, you can set up a fireplace near a power outlet. This will significantly reduce your costs, and it is a great addition to people who live in apartments or small houses. They usually can’t install wood or gas fireplace, and most of those places don’t have gas. Since they don’t emit carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, electric fireplace in eco-friendly and doesn’t require maintenance, cleaning, and venting. In most cases, you can DIY electric fireplace, but if you aren’t skilled, it’s better to call the professional.


Keep in mind that electric fireplace won’t warm your house. Most cases, electric fireplaces don’t emit more than 5,000 BTUs, which is equivalent to five pilot bulbs. It might be enough to soften the cold air and take the edge of the cold, but that’s all you are getting. They are purely for decoration and beautiful appearance of your house. Even though modern technologies have managed to improve the look of fireplaces, their flames still look face compared to real ones. Considering that they depend on power, during the firestorms or power outages, electric fireplace won’t light or keep your house warm. If you want to know the figures regarding power consumption, they spend $1.84 every eight hours, and their average price is between $600 and $800.

Decorating ideas

Decorating ideasConsidering that electric fireplaces come in different shapes and designs, you can use them for many decorating ideas. They can provide you beautiful appearance, and you can go from rustic and traditional look to a modern and sleek design. You can just hang them on the wall, or you can get them built in. Many people install electric fireplaces into the furniture, in this way, they will not take up too much of your space. But, keep in mind that not every area is suitable for an electric fireplace.

Where to buy

There are a lot of places where you can buy an electric fireplace. Usually, there are specialized shops which sell them, but before you make a purchase, make sure to review the prices, you might find a discount somewhere. If more information you can visit this page Reviews & Comparions at DUT Go GoGo, they have excellent selection and reviews which can help you make a better decision.