The Largest Solar Eclipse Event In Nashville – The Annual Italian Festival

If you want to make your summer special, this year you could plan to visit the Annual Italian Festival in Nashville. Not only that this is one of the largest festivals in this part of the USA, but it is also the largest solar eclipse 2017 event in the area! Solar eclipse of 2017 is going to be spectacular, so you could not allow yourself to miss out on this opportunity. There are not many eclipse events 2017 out there, so this is a rare and unique opportunity to witness this natural phenomenon and enjoy the marvelous atmosphere of the Italian Festival! This will definitely be the largest solar eclipse event in Nashville, so you should put this event down in your calendar now!

What Is So Special About Solar Eclipse?

The next solar eclipse is about to happen on the 21st August 2017, and this event is expected with much enthusiasm around the world. The event itself happens when the Moon, which is Earth’s natural satellite, comes in between the Sun and Earth. The Moon therefore blocks or “occults” the Sun while it is passing. Also, the solar eclipse can only take place when the Sun and the Moon are seen in conjunction from one another from Earth, which means they have to be in alignment. Total eclipse happens when the Sun is completely blocked by the Moon, but there are also partial eclipses, when only part of the Sun is blocked by the Moon. This is a natural phenomenon, and rather astounding from the astronomical point of view because it seems to have captivated people’s attention and be the object of their fascination for centuries. Ancient cultures have considered it to be a result of supernatural causes, and sometimes it was also seen as a bad omen. Nowadays we know that this is a completely natural phenomenon and we appreciate the fact that we can admire it.

Is It Safe To Look At The Sun During The Eclipse?

Whereas looking directly at the Sun during the day could damage your eyesight permanently, during the solar eclipse many people also think it is unsafe. If you are concerned for your safety, you could use indirect viewing techniques and special eye protection to keep you safe from blindness and eye damage.

What Could You Expect From The Nashville Solar Eclipse?

The Nashville Italian Festival has prepared a lot of activities and fun programs which will allow you to watch Nashville Solar Eclipse and enjoy the Italian Festival. Sticking to the tradition, this festival is all about spending quality time with people you care about, having a laugh, eating tasty Italian food, listening to music and watching the solar eclipse of 2017! This unmemorable event must not be missed out on, so you should better start preparing for this event now. You can order your tickets online using the website, but don’t forget to call your friends and family to join you.