Monitors that guard the eyes of all family members

Business, social networking, video games, entertainment … All these are the reasons why we sometimes spend more than 12 hours in front of a computer. Have you ever wondered what the impact of a computer monitor on our vision is? Or, more importantly, the sight of our children, who maybe spend even more time than you?

Generally speaking, the impact on human health is more or less negative, but it may be even negligible – if you choose a monitor that is equipped with modern technologies that almost 100 percent eliminate the ability to develop computer vision syndrome (CVS).

How to protect our eyes and preserve the healthy sense of vision?

Rackmount MonitorIn order to reduce the harmful effects on your sight, the world’s most renowned manufacturers have developed a technology that is responsible for filtering harmful blue light, i.e. a harmful part of the blue spectrum, as well as technology that prevents the occurrence of backlight flashing.

If you are interested in technology that can protect your eyes, you will need to invest some money.

There are recommendations for Rackmount Monitor, where among different types you may find what you need. I sure did, and I am so happy because now I know my sight and eyes of my children are more protected than before. But let us see first what are the two main reasons you may need to invest in new technology:

Harmful blue light (Ultra-Low Blue Light)

What our eyes are exposed to all the time while sitting in front of the computer is the light that its screen produces, without which we would not even see the picture. Unfortunately, this light unconditionally contains a blue spectrum, and a part of the blue spectrum is made by light whose wavelength damages human eyes because it enters the UV zone of the air, from which our eyes can not protect themselves.

Blue rays from the screen, i.e. UV rays, can cause visual impairment, headache and sleep quality disorder. Compared to the eyes of adults, children’s eyes are significantly more sensitive to that harmful blue light.

The flicker of the screen backlight

An additional problem, that causes stress for our sense of vision, is the flickering of LEDs that illuminate the screen. Namely, LEDs are switched on and off at high speed to maintain a constant level of brightness of the screen, which leads to the mentioned flicker.

Keep in mind that this flicker is extremely fast and the human brain most often does not register it, which makes you have the illusion that the light is constant, but that does not mean that it does not exist. You can easily see the flicker through the camera of your mobile phone, especially if it records 30 or fewer frames per second.

People’s eye flicker is seen as a constant bombardment with drastic changes in the intensity of light. These changes cause our pupils to expand and accumulate, leading to rapid eye fatigue, general fatigue, headache, and dizziness.