Is The Title Race In The Premier League Already Over?

British Premier League has always been one of the most exciting competitions, and champions had to go through a whole series of trials and tribulations before they could raise the trophy in May. However, it seems that Chelsea has managed to create a cushion large enough to prevent the competition from ever catching up with them, and their nine-point lead at the start of February may dampen the overall levels of excitement that this year’s PL race has to offer. Even though there is still a long way to go and surprising results may bring unexpected twists, the odds of winning the league seem to be strongly in favor of Conte’s soldiers, and they may be on their way to bring the sixth title to the North London.

What happened in the 23rd round

Even though the match at Anfield could have (potentially) remove all doubts, Chelsea was satisfied with the draw that sees them staying firmly at the top. In a game full of flair and impressive tempo, the Reds and the Blues provided the audience with a magnificent and highly entertaining display, and the goals from David Luiz and Giorginio Wijnaldum were not the only scoring opportunities. On the contrary, Chelsea’s top scorer, Diego Costa, had failed to capitalize on a chance that could seal the title race, and Simon Mignolet managed to scramble his penalty shot into the corner on the 76th minute of the match.


At the same time, other title contenders also played their games, but they failed to close the gap on Chelsea since they both failed to win. As a matter of fact, Arsenal managed to lose the game versus Watford at their home ground, and they will also have to play two more games without their manager Arsene Wenger. Similarly, Tottenham Hotspur did not get the three points from their encounter with Sunderland, and a goalless draw means that they will stay on the same distance from the pole position on the table.

Who Could Catch Up With The Blues?

PL-playersEven though it is very hard to predict anything in the Premier League, it is evident that the battle for the trophy is once again reserved for the same five or six top-quality sides. Most experts agree that Spurs have the best mentality and enough power to challenge for the trophy, and at the same time – a lot of analysts are wary of the unpredictable nature of the Klopp’s Liverpool team. This footballing side has enough quality in its ranks, but the mental strength of the team seem to be lacking, particularity after the recent losses in cup games.

Manchester teams are always there, and at the moment, City has the upper hand, and they are slightly closer to the top. However, Mourinho is well-known for his cunningness and the ability to draw out every ounce of quality from his players, which means that this team also has equal chances to fight for the leading spot. Arsenal is notorious for their habit of finishing at the position number four, and it remains to be seen if the same place will be reserved for the Wenger boys this year as well.