What Lies Beneath The New Partnership Between Uber And Daimler?

The progress of technology is an unstoppable phenomenon, and we have two basic options when it comes to evolutionary changes – we can stand aside and watch how everything unfolds right in front of our eyes, or we can take a more proactive role and even try to push the wheels of evolution forward. Of course, not all of us have the necessary means at our disposal to produce any large-scale changes in our society, but we can still support an idea or go against it if we do not like it. However, large companies are capable of affecting our future in a significant way, and Uber and Daimler are certainly among those names, which is why the partnership agreement that they recently signed has even greater value.

Uber And Daimler At A Glance

uberIn case you are not familiar with these two brands, Uber is a relatively young company which has a software network that connects riders with rides in a convenient and effortless manner. Uber app is one of the most used mobile applications on the market, and ride-sharing is growing in popularity on a daily basis. Daimler, on the other hand, is one of the giants of the automotive industry, and this corporation has a long-lasting history of successful presence in the business.

Is Driverless Future Already Here?

One of the primary areas that Uber is exploring is self-driving cars, and their agreement with Daimler focuses on this element of evolutionary progress. What this means is that they will join forces, both creative and hardware, to explore ways in which they could produce efficient and successful autonomous vehicles. In other words, you could soon find yourself in a Mercedes-Benz that has no steering wheel or pedals, and you could be speeding down the highway 60 miles per hour, all while scrolling on your tablet catching up with the daily news.


Other companies are also working on the same (or similar) system, and various steps have been made toward the ultimate goal of having “robocars” on our streets. For instance, Google and Fiat have performed extensive tests under their partnership deal, and the same applies to a software company called Lyft and General Motors. Similarly, Tesla is also included in the efforts to produce a self-driving car, and experts predict that by 2020 we could see first major breakthroughs in this field.

Why Daimler and Why Now?

Daimler is a company that also supports innovation in their design, but one of the primary reasons for their role in this deal is the fact that they need this technology for their trucks in the first place. Their line of US-based trucks, called Freightliner, is a popular brand in the States, and these heavy duty vehicles seem to be the first ones who will be capable of cruising across the continent without the presence of a driver. Of course, it will take a long time before this sophisticated technology is working correctly, but it seems that “the future is already upon us.”