Our Top Recommendation For This Summer – Santorini!

If you too have been bitten by the travel bug, you have probably already heard for this iconic and beautiful island. If not, this is the perfect occasion to get yourself introduced to this amazing island and find out more about it and get some first-hand recommendations on where to stay in Santorini.

The Best Places In Santorini

Santorini is a unique and amazing island in the whole world, and particularly Greece. It is worth your while to visit this island if you have the opportunity and if you are planning your stay here, you will have the privilege to choose from many amazing places. However, depending on the purpose of your holiday and what you would like to do it will depend where you will stay.

The Best Place In Santorini For A Romantic Getaway

Romantic Getaway SantoriniIf you are planning a romantic getaway or a honey moon, rather than a tourist holiday, you should know that Santorini is perfect for such occasions. There are however a few places that are probably more suitable for such purpose, such as Oia and Imerovigli. Oia is a really smar town, but it has an amazing location with romatic view and rich history. It is also the place where you will be able to enjoy iconic blue-painted cupolas that make such amazing desktop background. As for Imerovigli, it is known for its most beautiful sunset, which tells you just about everything you need to know. It is also in close proximity to the island capital Fira and it has also many churches and monasteries that you could visit. With only just about 500 inhabitants, this small village is the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

The Perfect Place in Santorini For An Active Holiday

If you are searching for a place where you could have an active and interesting holiday, perhaps you should think about choosing the capital of Santorini for your stay. Fira, the capital, is a modern center of Santorini where you could enjoy a rich nightlife and shopping. It is also renowned for its amazing architecture which is characterized by the white-washed houses. There are also interesting museums to be seen here, such as the Museum of Prehistoric Thera and the Archaeological Museum of Thera. It is also easy to access this city and it will allow you to get on a bus and visit other places in Santorini as well. There are many banks and pharmacies here, so it is a real center and a city that you should visit if you happen to spend some time in Santorini.

The Perfect Place in Santorini For An Active Holiday

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